I have continuously applied the recommendations of all your books, and after almost 2 years of this practice, my musical career starts to show me the expected results…Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience about the music business. - David Garcia, Mexico

I enjoy and appreciate Peter Spellman's willingness to share his experiences and knowledge of the entertainment business. This information has been of great help to me. Thank you again and again.- A. Phipps

Before I purchased the book "Indie Marketing Power", I knew that I had a solid product but was completely lost in organizing my goals and didn’t really know how to create an effective plan for myself. I am now able to successfully organize my shows and promote effectively to my target fan base! - Kaila

Being new to the business side of the music industry, I've learned sooooooooooomuch from Peter Spellman. He's a true educator and friend of small indie labels like WinSong Music Group. - Romona Taylor Williams

I heard of your website by reading your book "The Self-Promoting Musician." I have read many books on this music business, but I have to tell you that yours was the best so far. I got so much helpful information, and I hope I can put it to good use. I am a cabaret/jazz vocalist; working mom, who finds it difficult to find extra time to focus on my career, and there is so much to learn and know about the business that it becomes overwhelming at times. But your book sure helped answer a lot of questions. I learned much about the business end of it, which is the part of hate. I just want to sing. Wish it were that easy! Thank you so much for writing such a great book! - Lorraina Marro

I have to say that the information you have given is absolutely fantastic - feel itsvery hands on and real time. Thank you very much once again. - Bawa Mohit Singh, India

I'm an independent hiphop artist who has been following your blogs for a while as well as having bought two of your pdf books. Just wanted to say i appreciate all the insights you provide as well as the spiritual reflections embedded in them. Just read your free ebook today "A psycho spiritual musical manifesto" and there were are a lot of points that resonated true for my own journey and what i am trying to achieve with my music and certain aspects i needed to be reminded of again. So just wanted to say many thanks for that! - Kage Sparks

Spellman understands that survival of the fittest in our evolving music industryis no longer just about great songs, image, performance, trends and timing, it’s about the artist’s ability to understand the business of music – the DIY of marketing and promotion. Talented artists who learn early on how to monetize their assets are more apt to seamlessly move to the next level. Spellman’s field guide of music biz entrepreneurship provides the invaluable insight, resources and guidance to moving forward successfully.” - Patti Jones, Entertainment Attorney/Artist Advocate

I must say that your books are amazing - I have so far read "The Self-Promoting Musician" and just downloaded "CD Marketing Plan". I also dig the website too. It must feel so great to help so many people out there that, like me, knew next to nothing before reading your stuff. - J. Steele

I own almost every music book that has been published. However, I must say that Peter Spellman's manuals are the best! I've used them as a guide to teach independent record label workshops and to build my own internet based company. I've learned that "I can't leave home without them." The instructions are easy to comprehend, practical and full of wisdom. Peter is sensitive to the needs of the music industry! - Veda Brown

No one captures the essence, challenges and awesome opportunities of the new music business better than Peter. – Panos Panay, Founder, Sonicbids and Managing Director, Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship

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