The Self Promoting Musician

The Self-Promoting Musician: Strategies for Independent Music Success, updated 3rd ed.

by Peter Spellman

Published by Berklee Press/Hal Leonard
Publication date: 2013

What's inside:

  • Beyond the New Music Business  

  • Getting Ready to Do Business

  • Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

  • Smart Management for Professional Musicians

  • Networking: Relationship & Contact Building 101

  • Essentials of Music Promotion & Marketing

  • Finding Gigs in All the Right Places: Tapping the Sources of Lesser-Known Music Work

  • Playing the Clubs: Getting Your Foot in the Door without Getting It Slammed

  • Mapping Your Media Plan

  • Working Your Media Plan

  • The Self-Promoting Songwriter & Composer

  • Expanding & Deepening Your Music Career

"Spellman's Self-Promoting Musician became a fundamental building block in my own approach to teaching about the modern music business at the college level. No one else is as comprehensive, or authoritative. The real deal keeps changing, as bits & bytes flow through fiber-optic cable at the speed of light: Peter Spellman understands that, and teaches it, which makes him the guru of the real deal."
-- Rik Emmett, Canadian Hall of Fame singer/songwriter/guitarist for Triumph: faculty member, Humber College, Toronto.


"After reading this book, I realize what every other book on the subject was trying to say, but never really got there. Definately a MUST for anyone interested in quitting their day-job and playing full time."
- Noah Goode, Cedar Falls, IA


"As a freelance Drummer/Percussionist, The Self-Promoting Musician has been a great motivator to further explore my networking skills. In addition to covering just about every aspect of promoting a band or artist in the music business, Mr. Spellman lists a vast amount of reference materials, both in-print and on-line."
- Andrew A. Potenza from NYC


"Thank you for all your wonderful insight into the world of music business. I recently ordered your title The Self-Promoting Musician, and have found it to be a god-send."
- Claysun, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

"I heard of your website by reading your book The Self-Promoting Musician. I have read many books on this music business, but I have to tell you that yours was the best so far. I got so much helpful information, and I hope I can put it to good use. I am a cabaret/jazz vocalist; working mom, who finds it difficult to find extra time to focus on my career, and there is so much to learn and know about the business that it becomes overwhelming at times. But your book sure helped answer a lot of questions...Thank you so much for writing such a great book!"
- Lorraina Marro


"As the manager/ singer/ guitarist/ songwriter of the modern rock band Sixteen Down, I decided to purchase your book, The Self Promoting Musician which has helped me create more strategic and focused promotional and managerial tactics to help our group succeed. Thank you for helping the self-managed, self-promoting musician."
- Jacob Wolff (band: Sixteen Down)


"I found about your website via your book The Self-Promoting Musician. I know you must get countless praises about your work, but quite honestly this book has absolutely everything. Above all, it really seems to motivate me when I'm feeling disillusioned about the music business. I must have read it a hundred times!! I don't know if you know much about Australia, but the music scene here is in a very sorry state. They don't wanna know about ten minute long opuses and rock operas, that's for sure! I've always been a traditionalist tour your ass off until you get a name for yourself but your book really opened my eyes in terms of the power of the internet. So now I'm really looking into the possibilities of selling and promoting my music on-line, and I'm needing all the help I can get! Thank you very much for your time and wise words."
- Mike Mills

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