Indie Marketing Power: The Resource Guide for Maximizing Your Music Marketing, 3rd ed.
  • Indie Marketing Power: The Resource Guide for Maximizing Your Music Marketing, 3rd ed.
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Get the MARKETING power you need to make your mark in the new music economy. Seventeen chapters of resource-rich information and strategies to help you find and nurture your audience for maximum music sales. Here's a partial list of what's inside:

Indie Marketing Power is the most helpful book for musicians promoting their music that I have ever seen. I'm considering this not just essential reading, but REQUIRED reading for every musician I know!"

—Derek Sivers, president, CD Baby

Indie Marketing Power is divided into two parts: "Foundations" (chapters 1-5) and "Actions" (chapters 6-15). The first part provides:

  • An updated look at crucial trends impacting the music marketplace today and where the opportunities lie
  • A specially designed checklist for assessing your current marketing and promotional activities
  • A "bird's eye view" of how music product flows in the marketplace so you understand all the players' place in the process
  • Strategies for organizing & managing your music marketing program
  • Ways for identifying your own unique market niche with the opportunities that are out there for you
  • How to define exactly what you're selling
  • Discerning all the features and benefits of what you're providing
  • Smart ways for building your database of connections
  • Developing a branding and positioning statement for your product or service
  • Learn how to add value to anything you're selling
  • How to choose the right mix of marketing tools & tactics that fit with your unique personality, skills and values
  • Creating a smart and feasible marketing budget that will raise your profile without busting the bank
  • Discovering affinity partnerships to expand into new markets
  • Harnessing the power of the internet and ecommerce for extending the reach and market power of your business
  • Preparing your music for digital distribution & evaluating options
  • Inserting the right "metadata" onto your CD for effective digital monitoring
  • Choosing the best words for all your marketing communications
  • Tapping direct marketing tactics to target prospective customers

The Revised Second Edition includes additional guidelines on social network marketing, producing and promoting with video, and complete updates of stats, resources and important trends affecting the marketing of music in 2008 and beyond.

"If you only read one book this year, make it Indie Marketing Power: The Resource Guide for Maximizing Your Music Marketing. Every artist intent on divining his or her own path through the wilderness of independent music will benefit by this friendly, encouraging guide filled with entertaining anecdotes as author Peter Spellman demystifies the labyrinth word of marketing, media and more. Past, present and future: Spellman tracks the trends and delivers the truth. —Dan Kimpel, Music Connection magazine"

That's Part 1. The next part explores the markets themselves. Each music market is divided into "Context" (trends, stats & dynamics) and then "Approach" (strategies and action steps). See the Table of Contents below for the details on these.

Table of Contents

PLUS, you get:

Three Glossaries covering music business, general marketing, and online marketing terminology. A full Sample Music Publicity Campaign (for a band) A step-by-step guide for writing a full-spectrum marketing plan A 30+ page RESOURCE GUIDE to help feed your ongoing music marketing efforts & research. A full Index to help you explore the book in all its details. Wow. Peter Spellman has outdone himself with Indie Marketing Power. To say it's an exhaustive guide to music marketing is an understatement. He covers it all -- promoting via the Internet, live shows, media, sponsorships, retail, licensing ... you name it, it's covered here in detail. A great music biz resource! —Bob Baker, author of Guerrilla Music Marketing

Throughout the book you will also find various charts that spell out:

U.S. Entertainment Spending, the Flow of Product through the Music Industry, Different Levels of Music Touring Acts, Music Distribution Organizational Dynamics, the Top US Sponsoring Organizations & Businesses, Interactive Game Sales Stats, the Most/Least Risky Countries to Do Business With, the World's Fastest-Growing Music Markets, Radio Format Rankings, Top Music Merchandising Services Compared, The Song's Five Sources of Licensing Income, The Main Players in Music Licensing, Inlets & Outlets for Original Music, Parameters for Negotiating Music Licenses, Visualizing a Music Licensing Negotiation, Unique Publicity Opportunities, Media Option Pros & Cons, and MUCH MORE!

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Are you starting a band? Are you managing a band? Are you serious about making it work?

Then put a plan into your passion.

"After spending countless hours searching the internet for a business plan model, I was overjoyed to find Peter Spellman's Plan Your Band! eBook. It has been an invaluable resource for us in helping us negotiate our first distribution deal with a major. I recommend this resource to any band that hasn't employed the use of a business plan. Once having a solid business plan you will find that you have much more definition to your goals, aspirations and relationships in your business. Plan Your Band is a MUST HAVE resource. Joel C Thompson (Australia)"

PLAN YOUR BAND! is both a Sample Band Business plan and an Investor Agreement all in one. It lays out the key pieces of how to achieve band success today.

Here is the Plan's Outline:

1.0 Executive Summary 1.1 Strategic Goals & Focus 1.2 Keys to Success 1.3 Imaging Statement 1.4 Project History 2.0 Management Aspects 2.1 Company ownership 2.2 Organizational structure 2.3 Band Partnership Agreement 2.4 Management team 2.5 Strategic partners 3.0 Music Industry Analysis 3.1 General Industry 3.2 Live Music Industry 4.0 Music Market Analysis 4.1 General Music Market Trends 4.2 Niche Music Market Trends 4.3 Target Customers 5.0 Competition Profiles 5.1 Points of Difference 5.2 Positioning 6.0 Marketing Strategy & Tactics 6.1 Marketing Strategy 6.2 Marketing Mix 7.0 Operations & Facilities 7.1 Office Location 7.2 Administration & Production 7.3 Inventory 7.4 Suppliers 8.0 Development 8.1 Plans for Growth 8.2 Opportunities and Threats 9.0 Financial Data and Projections 9.1 Financial Assumptions 9.2 Key Metrics: Trackable Business Objectives 9.3 Three-Year Cash Flow Statement/Projections 9.4 Selling, General & Administrative Expenses Appendix A: Sample Investor Agreement - Long Term Further Resources "Having a solid business plan is key and Peter Spellman delivers with his new eGuide, Plan Your Band! The information provided is extremely valuable. It's a must read for any serious musician looking to get ahead in the music business."

-Madalyn Sklar, & IndieMusicCoach

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	 YOUR SUCCESSFUL CD RELEASE: Market Planning for Singer-Songwriters
  • 	 YOUR SUCCESSFUL CD RELEASE: Market Planning for Singer-Songwriters
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Map a success path for your new CD!

Your Successful CD Release is an empowering quick-action marketing guide specifically for singer-songwriters that provides the essential tools, resources and information needed to immediately map out a successful marketing and promotional campaign for a CD release.

Accessible, conversational tone—How to get sponsored. Heads-up on potential pitfalls and how to avoid them. How to keep everything within a budget. Money-saving offers just for buying this book. Why doing all this is important in the first place. And how to have fun with the whole process. Why are you still reading this? Go buy Your Successful CD Release right now. —Jennifer Layton, Assistant Editor,

Using an easy to follow, step-by-step structure, Your Successful CD Release coaches you through the process of putting together a marketing and promotional plan, and features a comprehensive look at the broad range of possible revenue streams & opportunities available to singer-songwriters. The guide includes many empowering resources to help you with each aspect of your marketing plan, along with several sample templates to track the progress of your promotional campaign, a straightforward spreadsheet template for your marketing budget, and a rich list of follow-up resources that can be used to take immediate positive action in your career.

As an added bonus, Your Successful CD Release also includes advice and insight from 4 full-time independent singer-songwriters so you can get a sense of what their experiences have been and what it takes to be a full-time indie musician.

Reaches beyond the genre of singer/songwriters and can be successfully applied to any Indie musician wishing to promote their CD. Whether it jumpstarts a new career, kick-starts a lagging career, or is used as a valuable checklist of what you should do to ensure a successful release long after the party, the guide looks to be a dependable resource for Indie Musicians at many levels. —Annette Conlon,

Co-written by Peter Spellman and Dave Cool (and yes, that’s his real name!), the guide is based on 3 of Peter’s classic books: “The Self-Promoting Musician”, “INDIE Power” and “INDIE Marketing Power”. Along with the powerful information taken from those books, Dave Cool also added his own insights and experience to create a uniquely powerful tool for singer-songwriters that is ideal for those who might feel like they don’t have the time to read several full-size books on marketing and promotion, and want to take immediate action to promote their CD.

I was really excited because I thought a guide that helped step by step with creating a successful CD release campaign was the best idea ever until I read it and realized that there was even more to your book than that. You didn't just talk about how to release your album successfully, but also about how to live. —Tara Rice, 5th PROJEKT

You’ve put so much time into recording and packaging your CD. Don’t short-circuit its success by neglecting its marketing. Get Your Successful CD Release today and put smart promotional steps behind your recording!

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Indie Business Power: A Step-By-Step Guide for 21st Century Music Entrepreneurs
  • Indie Business Power: A Step-By-Step Guide for 21st Century Music Entrepreneurs
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Best Practices for Starting & Running Your Own Business in the New Music Economy from the Ground Up!

From booking agencies and indie record labels to web services and music production houses--we're seeing a groundswell of music entrepreneurial activity galvanized by segmenting markets, loads of small business support resources, and empowering digital tools and media. Indie Business Power focuses on serving this fast-growing population of "micro" music businesses.

Peter has once again penned a book that anyone wanting to succeed in the new, digital music business should have, and indeed, actually read from front to back. Full of great insights, solid advice, inspiring ideas and above all, loaded with powerful resources Peter has compiled and remixed in a masterful way. A must-read! Gerd Leonhard, Music & Media Futurist, Co-Author of "The Future of Music", Author of "Music 2.0" Aspiring and existing Music Entrepreneurs should read this invaluable resource morning, noon and night! Serona Elton, Esq., Assistant Professor, Music Business & Entertainment Industries, Frost School of Music, University of Miami

Indie Business Power helps focus the lens on music opportunities today and provides the guidance needed for starting & growing a new venture to meet these opportunities.

With empowering and practical advice, Indie Business Power covers everything from self-assessment to opportunity discovery, from understanding how to smartly use business resources to expanding into global markets. In between students will explore the best business practices for getting around business red tape, writing a powerful business plan, sourcing capital, building teams, grass roots marketing, managing company operations and small business finance.

In addition, a context for understanding current business changes in the music business is provided as well as a detailed analysis of six "megatrends" that are taking our industry into exciting new directions. A 36 page Music Entrepreneur Resource Directory and complete Index top it off.

Indie Business Power provides the most updated roadmap for the "new" music business that I have come across. This book should be in the glove compartment of every van of every band as they hit the highway in search of success. Bruce Burch, Director, University of Georgia Music Business Program/Hit Songwriter (Reba McEntire) Peter Spellman's books foretold the future of independent music. Indie Business Power continues as an authoritative blueprint that will inspire the enterprising reader to devise new business models based on fundamental truths and wisely-considered counsel. Dan Kimpel, Author, Networking Strategies for The New Music Business

Table of contents

Read a sample chapter

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The Self-Promoting Musician: Strategies for Independent Music Success, updated 2nd ed.
  • The Self-Promoting Musician: Strategies for Independent Music Success, updated 2nd ed.
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"Spellman's Self-Promoting Musician became a fundamental building block in my own approach to teaching about the modern music business at the college level. No one else is as comprehensive, or authoritative. The real deal keeps changing, as bits & bytes flow through fiber-optic cable at the speed of light: Peter Spellman understands that, and teaches it, which makes him the guru of the real deal." -- Rik Emmett, Canadian Hall of Fame singer/songwriter/guitarist for Triumph: faculty member, Humber College, Toronto.

=> What's inside:

  • What's New About the New Music Industry?
  • Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan: Writing A Music Business Plan That Works
  • Developing Your Business Chops
  • Empowering Resources for Self-Managed Musicians
  • Have You Ever Thought of Starting Your Own Label or Production Company?
  • How's Your Net Working?: Increasing Your Contacts in the Music Industry
  • Creating an Impressive Press Kit
  • Creative Publicity & Promotional Ideas for Musicians
  • Finding Gigs in All the Right Places: Tapping the Sources of Lesser Known Work
  • Booking Club Gigs: Getting Your Foot in the Door Without Getting it Slammed
  • Live Deals: The Ins and Outs of Performance Contracts
  • Twelve Things You Can Do to Get the Most Out of Every Gig
  • Demo Diversity: Customizing Your Demos for Maximum Exposure
  • Media Power: Creating a Music Publicity Plan That Works, Part 1
  • Media Power: Creating a Music Publicity Plan That Works, Part 2
  • Getting Played on College Radio
  • Multimedia and Musicians: What it's About and How to Get Involved
  • Using the Internet to Promote Your Music

=> What others are saying about The Self-Promoting Musician:

"After reading this book, I realize what every other book on the subject was trying to say, but never really got there. Definitely a MUST for anyone interested in quitting their day-job and playing full time. - Noah Goode, Cedar Falls, IA "As a freelance Drummer/Percussionist, The Self-Promoting Musician has been a great motivator to further explore my networking skills. In addition to covering just about every aspect of promoting a band or artist in the music business, Mr. Spellman lists a vast amount of reference materials, both in-print and on-line." - Andrew A. Potenza from NYC

" Thank you for all your wonderful insight into the world of music business. I recently ordered your title The Self-Promoting Musician, and have found it to be a god-send." - Claysun, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

"I heard of your website by reading your book The Self-Promoting Musician. I have read many books on this music business, but I have to tell you that yours was the best so far. I got so much helpful information, and I hope I can put it to good use. I am a cabaret/jazz vocalist; working mom, who finds it difficult to find extra time to focus on my career, and there is so much to learn and know about the business that it becomes overwhelming at times. But your book sure helped answer a lot of questions...Thank you so much for writing such a great book!" - Lorraina Marro "As the manager/ singer/ guitarist/ songwriter of the modern rock band Sixteen Down, I decided to purchase your book, The Self Promoting Musician which has helped me create more strategic and focused promotional and managerial tactics to help our group succeed. Thank you for helping the self-managed, self-promoting musician." - Jacob Wolff (band: Sixteen Down) "I found about your website via your book The Self-Promoting Musician. I know you must get countless praises about your work, but quite honestly this book has absolutely everything. Above all, it really seems to motivate me when I'm feeling disillusioned about the music business. I must have read it a hundred times!! I don't know if you know much about Australia, but the music scene here is in a very sorry state. They don't wanna know about ten minute long opuses and rock operas, that's for sure! I've always been a traditionalist tour your ass off until you get a name for yourself but your book really opened my eyes in terms of the power of the internet. So now I'm really looking into the possibilities of selling and promoting my music on-line, and I'm needing all the help I can get! Thank you very much for your time and wise words." - Mike Mills
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