Indie Business Power

Best Practices for Starting & Running Your Own Business in the New Music Economy from the Ground Up! Brand new second edition!!!

From booking agencies and indie record labels to web services and music production houses--we're seeing a groundswell of music entrepreneurial activity galvanized by segmenting markets, loads of small business support resources, and empowering digital tools and media. Indie Business Power focuses on serving this fast-growing population of "micro" music businesses.

Indie Business Power helps focus the lens on music opportunities today and provides the guidance needed for starting & growing a new venture to meet these opportunities.

With empowering and practical advice, Indie Business Power covers everything from self-assessment to opportunity discovery, from understanding how to smartly use business resources to expanding into global markets. In between students will explore the best business practices for getting around business red tape, writing a powerful business plan, sourcing capital, building teams, grass roots marketing, managing company operations and small business finance.

In addition, a context for understanding current changes in the music business is provided as well as a detailed analysis of six "megatrends" taking our industry into exciting new directions. 

“solid,” “inspiring,” “a must-read,” “an authoritative blueprint,” “a treasure chest,” “a must-have resource,” “the complete manual,” “dynamic and useful,” “the most updated roadmap for the new music business I have ever seen.”  Get yours today!

"Peter has once again penned a book that anyone wanting to succeed in the new, digital music business should have, and indeed, actually read from front to back. Full of great insights, solid advice, inspiring ideas and above all, loaded with powerful resources Peter has compiled and remixed in a masterful way. A must-read!"
- Gerd Leonhard, Music & Media Futurist, Co-Author of "The Future of Music", Author of "Music 2.0"


"Aspiring and existing Music Entrepreneurs should read this invaluable resource morning, noon and night!"
- Serona Elton, Esq., Assistant Professor, Music Business & Entertainment Industries, Frost School of Music, University of Miami


"Indie Business Power provides the most updated roadmap for the "new" music business that I have come across. This book should be in the glove compartment of every van of every band as they hit the highway in search of success."
- Bruce Burch, Director, University of Georgia Music Business Program/Hit Songwriter (Reba McEntire)


"Peter Spellman's books foretold the future of independent music. Indie Business Power continues as an authoritative blueprint that will inspire the enterprising reader to devise new business models based on fundamental truths and wisely-considered counsel."
- Dan Kimpel, Author, Networking Strategies for The New Music Business

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